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Document management system


What is UniDocs DMS?

UniDocs DMS is a general-purpose document management software system. It is suitable for installation in all business systems, regardless of their size or activity.

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It enables the performance of the following basic functions within the business system:

Document exchange management between system users

Creation, organization, maintenance and efficient use of document archives

Document exchange management with the environment

Storing the complete event history in the system

Improve your business by introducing UniDocs DMS

UniDocs DMS enables efficient management of document exchange between system users, which brings efficient monitoring of events in the system.

Storing the complete event history in a database ensures complete traceability of all work operations. The exchange of documents with the environment becomes significantly facilitated by the implementation of defined business procedures through an organized system.

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The UniDocs system contains various modules that further expand the functionality of the basic system and thus speed up the work processes within the company and as a result, provide properly stored and sorted documentation.


UniDocs system extensions improve functionality, help integrate the system with your Microsoft office applications, add electronic signature capability, and many other options.

Word, Excel i Outlook Add-in

For leading programs for creating, modifying and viewing documents such as MS Office tools, UniDocs has support that allows their full integration into the documentation system.

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UniDocs Signature

UniDocs is equipped with a subsystem for electronic signing of documents with a digital certificate and a smart card, applicable to any document file format.

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LoadBalance is an extension that allows you to install UniDocs App Server on multiple servers. LoadBalance measures the load of all application servers that exist in the system and by ranking them directs the user to the Application Server with the least number of requests, ie. with the least load.

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Alarm Client

In addition to the basic functionality of alerting users in the form of audio and text messages about actions that occurred or did not occur on the document in accordance with the action that the user wanted to follow and which is related to the Client module, there is also Alarm Client as a special UniDocs system for document management.

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Work Flow Desiger

UniDocs WorkFlow Designer is an independent module, implemented as a Windows desktop software package with a graphical interface for forming and describing business process diagrams according to BPMN notation standardized by OGC, which writes all data in XPDL, XML record for business process description standardized by the international organization Workflow Management Coalition.

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XML Support

XML (Extensive Markup Language) is a standard in the field of data exchange within heterogeneous networks and between different information systems. Most software systems and development environments are able to easily accept and manage different types of XML specifications, allowing easy and fast integrations between diverse information and documentation systems.

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UniDocs SOS (Small Office Solution) is a document and business process management system tailored to the needs of small businesses.

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The scalability of UniDocs enables its fast and successful introduction in companies of various sizes and complexities, from just a few to several thousand employees.

It is quickly and easily introduced in all parts of the company, regardless of whether they work with business, legal or technical documentation.

System requirements

Take look at what system requirements are needed for using the UniDocs Document Management System.  You will see that our product works equally well on newer and older computers.

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