Partner list

OSA Computer Engineering, authorizes Partners to sell licenses and implement UniDocs software through the UniDocs Partner Program. The rights granted to the Partner are valid as long as the Partner meets the minimum conditions agreed.
The benefits of implementing UniDocs that our clients are:

A document management system can be applied and be of value in a wide range of business environments. Regardless of the type of organization or industry, a document management solution can help improve:

  • the efficiency of classification and organization of documents;
  • automatic distribution and exchange of documents;
  • fast access to documents - centralized archive, efficient monitoring of all updates and versions of documents;
  • inclusion of documents in the work process;
  • the efficiency of division in business;
  • adherence to standards (ISO, Basel, OSHA ...).

Investing in UniDocs pays off in a very short time since its introduction. The costs of document management in the company are significantly lower, procedures are optimized, archiving space is reduced to a minimum, document retrieval time is greatly shortened, document loss is prevented, while the current version of the document is always available.



Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan