The team of OSA Computer Engineering professionals will provide answers to all your needs as soon as possible, whether it is the implementation of the UniDocs system, staff training, technical support or by advising you.


Implementation is a process that includes the installation of our software solution, business and business process analysis, and system parameterization. In order for the implementation to be carried out adequately and on time, our advice is for the user to appoint a person who would actively participate in the implementation. During this process, the System Administrator, who is part of the project team, must actively participate in the business and IT part. He is trained to implement, administer, and maintain the system.

Implementation takes place in eight phases:

  1. System administrator training
  2. Install test environments
  3. Collection and analysis of data for business processes
  4. System parameterization by process
  5. Training of key users by the process
  6. Business process system testing
  7. Installation and migration of test data to a production environment
  8. Final testing and commissioning of the system

The result of the completed implementation of the software solution is:

  • Central database formed
  • Business and organizational rules defined and established
  • A unique environment for working with business documents


The training that is carried out during the introduction of the new software solution is for the users of the delivered modules according to the types of work and in accordance with the organizational structure of the company, ie. permissions that users have.

The training takes place in small groups, at the headquarters of the client, on the equipment on which these users will work.

During the training, we try to ensure that the system administrator, in addition to training for administration and parameterization, also participates in the implementation, in order to be trained for further extensions and maintenance of the system.

Technical support

Technical support assists in the implementation of specific business information system solutions, installation of new subversions and software versions, as well as all other issues related to the implementation. It should be noted that support does not include the development of a new or modification of the existing program code and that it refers to a certain period of time provided by the contract.

Technical support is provided by phone, e-mail, remotely, and live by visiting the company’s consultants or partners.


Based on many years of experience in the development and implementation of DMS and ERP solutions, we strive to introduce new users to the necessary activities before the implementation of our software solution.

We try to give them advice on the organization of business processes, how to divide jobs and responsibilities among employees. We advise them that it is necessary to appoint a person or team of people who will be directly responsible for the implementation process because, as we have already stated, implementation is carried out in phases, so it is important to define activities within each phase and time required for their execution.

Extensive experience gained by implementing software solutions in companies of different structures and activities has enabled us to approach each new user with a lot of attention and commitment, regardless of the specificity and size of the company.