The use of this module does not require programming or special computer knowledge, and refers to entering and maintaining implementation parameters via standard Windows dialogs that determine the appearance and behavior of a particular system (defining document types and properties, users and user groups, permissions and restrictions on document access, procedures flow, bulletin boards…).

UniDocs Metadesigner is a module that serves to implement the system, its adaptation to the needs of a specific business environment or company, institution, organization, or any organizational part.

The user interface of this module is very intuitive and provides input of all parameters that define the behavior of the system.

It is this module that enables system parameterization, which ensures that UniDocs, as a general software system for managing documents and business processes, is adapted to a specific company or organizational unit, by simply entering parameters that describe the business system. The introduction and automation of the process can be carried out in phases, and each already implemented part of the system can be further be changed and improved during its operation without the need to stop the system.

UniDocs Metadesigner allows you to define all the parameters of the content and behavior of the system, which includes the following most important groups:

  • Classes of basic documents, with and without attachments
  • Classes of complex documents - folders
  • Assign a set of attributes to defined document classes
  • Classification of all types of documents
  • Defining all users and groups in the system
  • Defining the right for users and groups to perform operations on certain classes of documents
  • Defining bulletin boards
  • Defining automatic workflow procedures
  • Defining all system resources (disks, scanners, printers, etc.)
  • Integration of defined document types with other objects from the enterprise information system by defining the 1s-m and m-m relations between documents and other objects (special types of attributes).
  • Defining the right to administer user groups and other parameters.

Metadesigner is easy to use and allows business process analysts, quality system development experts, and other managers to implement a documentation system by describing documents and business processes without having to have any programming or database knowledge.