The scalability of UniDocs enables its fast and successful introduction in companies of various sizes and complexities. It is quickly and easily introduced in all parts of the company, regardless of whether they work with business, legal or technical documentation.

  • It is fully adapted to the demands of the market and the real, everyday needs of users, which makes it a system that automates, speeds up, and facilitates the business of the company.
  • UniDocs was developed by OSA Computer Engineering in Belgrade, so in addition to the Serbian version of the interface and Help files, the English, Slovenian, Russian and Bulgarian versions are also available, and the language can be changed automatically at the user's request.
  • Very easy to install, it is deployed without the need for additional programming.
  • Unidocs provides support for all types of electronic documents, regardless of their origin and computer record format (texts, tables, images, technical drawings, scanned raster documents, audio, and video recordings, etc.).
  • UniDocs is compatible with all editors and viewers running in MS Windows environment, and for leading programs for creating, modifying, and viewing documents, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat / Reader, AutoCAD. All the listed software is supported in such a way that allows their full integration into the documentation system.
  • It has the ability to connect to any of the standard software tools for creating, modifying or viewing documents in the system (text editors, tables, images, technical drawings, etc.), which allows the user to continue working in all programs he used, which significantly reduces costs training and the system itself.
    Documents are stored in the system as separate files in their original record format. BLOB or similar technology is not used, which provides a high level of performance and protection of documents and data in the system.
  • Provided support for leading databases including Microsoft SQL and ORACLE, as well as integration with Microsoft Windows platform, MS Office, AutoCAD, and all other existing client applications in the system.
  • It has a sophisticated system for defining rights and restrictions at the level of individual users or groups of users together with an integrated program for file manipulation, provides a high level of document security.
  •  Standard development tools are used for development and the adopted standards and generally accepted principles in software development are respected, and a high degree of compliance is provided with the operating systems MS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7. UniDocs is a system program, with an open architecture, with a documented database model data and development environment that provides the possibility of additional integration with almost every information system and subsystem in the company.
    UniDocs meets EDMS / ECM standards, as well as the requirements of specific standards and specifications, such as ISO 15489, Moreqa and others.