UniDocs is equipped with a module that provides quality and complete management of the document archive. The module is fully compliant with the applicable legislation related to the period of storage and the manner of extracting obsolete documentation from the archive. In addition, it is possible to quickly and efficiently search the complete archive as well as a detailed view of documents whose storage period, according to certain legislation, has expired and which are ready for deletion.

UniDocs ARCHIVE provides the archiver with a very simple document check, as well as complete control over the extraction process with or without making an off-line copy on a storage medium.

The archivist is also enabled to associate additional attributes with archived documents, which are important only from the aspect of archive management and have no impact on the set of business-important attributes associated with the document.

The key functions are:

  • The entry of archived documents according to predefined legal regulations.
  • View of the headers and attributes of documents entered through the Archive application.
  • View and entry of attributes (required and optionally defined for a given class of documents).
  • Archive search. The search is performed by class, title, keywords, a period of origin, and area…
  • Excluding the list of expired documents and the possibility of marking and printing documents ready for deletion.