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Document Management System

Reduces administration costs, speeds up business processes and shortens the time required for work.


The flexibility and scalability of the UniDocs enables application within various industries, in virtually all types of small and medium-sized companies. Let’s look at some of the most common areas of application.


Professional services

UniDocs allows you to form all business documentation quickly, easily and in a standardized way. All documented business changes are automatically stored and tracked in a single business database.


Production management is a complex process. It is important to continually monitor all the steps, from the raw material entry to the final product. Discover all the information that the UniDocs system monitors and how it helps you plan and lower the costs.


Application of IT in the public administration domain is a crucial improvement of the services for the citizens. Read how the UniDocs system makes governing better by making you more efficient and less costly.


UniDocs continuously and accurately monitors profitability and provides you with all the data needed for decision making. UniDocs helps you eliminate any shortcomings from the business plan by helping you follow the complete business operation of the construction company.

Human resources

The most important resource of any business organization is the people who work in it. UniDocs is the 'go to' staff productivity tracking system


The team of OSA Computer Engineering professionals will provide answers to all your needs as soon as possible, whether it is the implementation of the UniDocs system, staff training, technical support or just an advice.


We shall implement the UniDocs platform on your system.


We will explain the best practices in the field of business management on the UniDocs platform.


Our support team will always be available for all your questions.


We will train you how to use UniDocs DMS.

About us

Our company is one of the pioneers in the Document Management Systems area. Development of the UniDocs software started in the middle of the nineties, and soon after the first version of the system was introduced to the market.

Since then, UniDocs continuously evolved, was optimized and made better with the goal of fulfilling our clients needs.

What others say about us

After a few years, Telecom has developed a good information system that is successfully used by 7,000 people. With the help of this system, 30 million jobs and 120 million tasks have been completed. Then the time came for the documentation system. Telecom has opted for UniDocs, a document management system that allows easy document creation and file entry, and easy search on request. UniDocs has contributed a lot to improving the efficiency of Telekom's business in various ways.
Radovan Cvetković
Telekom IT sector director
Before the arrival of UniDocs, only three document management systems could be found on the Bulgarian market, and only one of them represents a complete solution that could be a competitor to the OSA product. In addition to the Bulgarian IT market feeling the effects of the crisis, companies continue to invest in software, especially one that can bring them savings. UniDocs can definitely do that because it enables a more efficient organization of business and reduces the waste of time used to find documents. At the same time UniDocs is providing additional security for all documents circulating through this system. That is why I expect that our clients, especially the three mobile operators in Bulgaria, will be extremely interested in the application of this solution.
Dimitar Dimitrov
ASI company sales manager, Bulgaria
UniDocs is an outstanding document management application. Since we applied UniDocs our complete documentation is always available and more importantly, it is never lost or misplaced.
Natalija Matović
Dipl. ecc. Quality System Officer, Department of Urbanism Subotica

Become our partner

Trough our UniDocs partnership program, we authorize Partners to sell licenses and implement UniDocs software.



We successfully implemented UniDocs DMS in many companies. Please take a moment to review a couple of specific situations. 


Inegrated system based on UniDocs and Autodesk technology

Full integration of all types of data and documents has been achieved by using UniDocs software solutions. Connections have been established between documents, business changes and the spatial objects to which they refer.

Automated business process management has been introduced, ensuring complete workflows through the information system.