Companies, agencies, and offices engaged in service activities such as design, consulting work, law firms, and similar organizations, do not need cumbersome general services that support the core business, but they do most of the work themselves.

UniDocs Business Box enables them to form all business documentation quickly, easily, and in a standardized way, as well as to automatically store data on all business changes in a single business database when creating each of the documents. In this way, while doing the everyday tasks, UniDocs helps you finish all the administration without special efforts. This affects all parameters for monitoring and managing the overall business of the organization, as well as each of individual projects, cases or contracts.

An integral part of the system is the software platform for managing cases/projects, documents, and business processes - UniDocs, which provides efficient mechanisms for the formation, development, unified organization and monitoring, competitive use, exchange with the client and archiving of all documents related to services.