Companies primarily engaged in the production and sale of their own products realize that manufacturing, as the most important business segment, must be managed precisely, accurately, and continuously. All the activities should be monitored in the flow of activities, starting from procurement and preparation of materials, through its consumption and conversion into semi-finished products which are delivered to customers. Quality management of these processes provides companies with constant product quality, minimal costs, efficient and timely implementation.

UniDocs Business Box also contains a complete set of functionalities for the actual management of production, material and semi-finished product flows with tracking of batches and individual pieces, tracking of actual and comparison with planned costs, as well as monitoring of individual production cycles.

Full integration of processes in sales, logistics, production, and procurement, as well as integration with accounting, is provided.

The system enables the formation of complete and structured technological procedures, within which the product component is defined, detailed data on each operation, necessary materials, tools, time and other parameters necessary for unambiguous determination of the production method of each of the products.

The production realization plan is formed on the basis of orders and necessary stocks of finished products as a list of work orders waiting to be launched in accordance with the planned start dates. The realization of each of the work orders is monitored at the level of the operation in real-time, with the recording of all parameters, among which are real times, costs, unplanned waste and downtime, executors of operations, etc.

This production management system provides a precise analysis of the efficiency of execution of each of the launched work orders, the consistency of production of one product through a number of work orders, analysis of unplanned waste (scrap) at the level of machines, executors, products and the like.

UniDocs Business Box also provides optional product development management as a set of tasks that precedes the development of the technological process, all feedback in the relationship production - technology - design with the aim of continuous improvement of construction, technology, and organization of production, ie improving product quality, increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs.

The overall set of processes is supported, from the offer and confirmation of the order, through the formation of technological procedures, preparation and launch of work orders, all the way to monitoring and analyzing the effects and efficiency of production in each of its parts. Operating bookkeeping means just reviewing the data generated through production management, it's not an additional job of the accounting department.