Construction as a branch has certain features that the information system must support and satisfy. The most important among them are:

  • Long cycles of contract implementation (facility construction)
  • A large number of simultaneously active construction sites that are far from each other
  • The flow of the same materials through the warehouses of all construction sites
  • Constantly moving construction machines from one construction site to another
  • The constant transfer of workers from one construction site to the other
  • Phased payment from customers

To support these specifics, the UniDocs Business Box is equipped with a flexible module for continuous monitoring of inventory status of individual construction sites, which provides optimization of centralized procurement, efficient transfer of inventory from one construction site to the other site, and their consumption in the appropriate place.

It contains a special module for monitoring construction machines, with the precise recording of the number of working hours on each of the construction sites, fuel consumption, and supporting materials, as well as the workers who operated the machines. In this way, the efficiency of use of each of the machines can be monitored at any time, it is easy to determine a significant deviation from the expected costs, as well as all other parameters necessary for optimizing the use of construction machines.

The system is also equipped with a module for recording working hours, permanently and temporarily engaged workers, with precise management of the place of work (construction site) where the worker actually worked. The module provides complete and accurate data for calculating the salaries of each worker, analysis of labor engagement on each of the construction sites during project implementation, and other analyzes necessary for efficient planning and deployment of workers and their timely transfer from construction site to the construction site.

Management of successive payments through the formation and situation monitoring is supported within the UniDocs Business Box system, through all its modules, ensuring that the specifics of successive invoicing of work performed under each of the contracts is integrated into all business management processes. In addition to the appropriate way of presenting the work performed in the period covered by the document, the program ensures that the received advances are successively justified to the situations.

By following the above groups of costs and revenues, related to each of the contracts and construction sites, UniDocs Business Box provides constant and accurate monitoring of the profitability of each of them and provides data for timely response to eliminate any shortcomings in the planning of the complete business operation of a construction company.