State administration

The application of information technologies in the state administration is of crucial importance for the improvement of services to citizens and the economy. Optimization of crucial business processes in the work of the state administration enables significant savings and raises the level of knowledge and employee satisfaction. Data transparency is imperative for preserving the integrity and trust of the state administration among the users of the provided services, citizens, and the economy.

The UniDocs system enables the management of the entire life cycle of an item from its opening in the office (together with the assignment of all necessary classification marks) to the electronic exchange between participants in its processing to its resolution and disposal in the archive. In addition to the subject, UniDox's focus is also on the classification and standardization of the acts themselves as unique information carriers. All acts are automatically recorded in all existing records in accordance with the Instructions on office operations of state administration bodies, and their electronic distribution significantly speeds up the process and makes the service completely secure. Collaboration between employees in the state administration has been improved by using the case and acts publication with automatic monitoring of traceability, their versions, and revisions, which are crucial for conducting both the Municipal Council session and monitoring the overall work of the organization.

The unique and intuitive interface of the Unidocs system enables easy and fast implementation of solutions at the level of one department or at the level of the entire organization.

The most significant advantages of the Unidocs system are:

  • A unique environment for working with acts and cases;
  • Standardization and classification of acts and subjects;
  • Support for keeping and printing electronic record books (record book, incoming/outgoing mail book, ...);
  • Electronic exchange and processing of documents and cases;
  • Electronic publication of acts and cases;
  • Easy archiving of cases and acts in accordance with the defined retention periods according to the list of registration material;
  • Automatic generation of acts lists and cases due for exclusion;
  • Support ISO 9001 and 27001 standards;
  • Raising the level of control and security of work with acts and cases;
  • Formation of various analyzes and reports.