Wherever you are your office and business documentation are with you!

The UniDocs Client Mobile application allows users to participate in the business process and respond to everyday business requests via their mobile phone, no matter where they are (on a business trip, out of the office, etc.).

It is most helpful for users who spend most of the working day in the field or perform the function of reviewing and certifying documents without the need to create or change the content of the documents themselves.

It is faster and easier with the mobile app!

UniDocs Client Mobile

In addition to the fact that our users are more flexible and mobile with the mobile application, we tried to optimize and speed up some operations. The user can now view, receive, validate and forward the document to the business process through just a few touches in one screen form.

The principle we were guided by when developing the UniDocs Client Mobile application is to simplify the existing functionalities of the desktop and web Client modules and adapt them to the character of the device with a "small" touch screen.

You can use the UniDocs Mobile client application on iOS and Android operating systems as currently the most represented mobile platforms.

The basic functionalities of the UniDocs Client Mobile application are:

  • Login to the application - Login
  • View the contents of the entry zone
  • View the contents of the work area
  • View the contents of the exit zone
  • Document review
  • Overview of document properties - Properties
  • Authentication of documents
  • Sending a document
  • Notice board - notifications
  • Document search

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