UniDocs was presented to manufacturing companies in Kragujevac

Date: 10.11.2015

UniDocs Business Box, a unique ERP + DMS software solution for managing a business, documents, and business processes, was presented at a gathering in Kragujevac's Business Innovation Center. Representatives of OSA Računarski inženjering from Belgrade and the IT consulting agency HakIT from Kragujevac talked about the possibilities for reducing production costs and increasing production efficiency, the two main advantages of using our software.

The UniDocs system enables complete tracking of production operations. It meets the needs of any type and size of a production company and follows the entire product life cycle - from the idea of ​​the user, through the commercial service, all the way to the production plant.

"This system, which is based on many years of experience, includes, among other things, production and financial activities such as monitoring the production process in stages, recording the remaining usable material, managing the number and structure of workers in production and the number of working hours. UniDocs Business Box has all the functionalities of ERP and DMS solutions, and with its introduction, the company gets two systems in one ", said Marija Vujić, Sales Program Manager for UniDocs.