A new version has come out

Date: 12.06.2020

UniDocs2020 is a document management software that reduces administration costs, speeds up processes, and shortens work time. With UniDocs, documentation becomes instantly available, neatly classified, and securely stored.

UniDocs is continuously improved and adapted to market requirements. A new version for 2020 has just been released.

New features in UniDocs2020:

  • Tab Manager in the web client

Complete manager functionality for monitoring and managing document flows is built into the web client application. By introducing this functionality we achieved the equalization of the functionalities available in the web client in relation to the desktop version of the same module.

  • Multi-print functionality

The new version of the desktop and web client has a built-in option for multiple printing of selected documents. Through one interface, the user can now easily and quickly print multiple selected documents (MS Office and PDF formats) from the system.

  • New reports layout for monitoring document flows and document activities available to users with managerial privileges:

Ability to view reports generated in Dashboard Designer through the Client web and desktop application.

Dashboard designer prepared reports no longer have to be viewed through the Dashboard Viewer application, ie. from this version of the software it is possible to configure the overview of all reports through the UniDocs Client application. User permissions and user groups for viewing, exporting, and printing are configured for each of the prepared reports.

Reports set the name in addition to the permissions, which also appears as a menu option.

  • Folder node lock

The folder node lock functionality allows a user with privileges to lock certain files within a folder, preventing other users from removing them.

  • UniDocs on DBMS Oracle 19c and MS SQL 2019

We strive to keep up to date with the latest versions of the databases of our technology partners Microsoft and Oracle, while at the same time we provide our existing customers with uninterrupted support for at least the last three versions of the supported databases. The new version of Unidocs provides support for the latest version of Oracle 19c and MS SQL 2019.